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Carolina Clinic brings effective and convenient allergy testing and immunotherapy to you with methods that treat the vast majority of patients with seasonal and perennial allergies. Our complete service line features in-office education for patients on the therapy as well as results. We customize a treatment program with your best individual patient treatment outcomes. More Americans suffer from allergies and asthma than all other chronic diseases combined including; diabetes, cancer, coronary artery disease, stroke, alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Allergy Treatment Process

  1. Patient will discuss symptoms with provider. Allergy technician will conduct an allergy test on the patient and review results with patient.
  2. Technician provides patient with allergy treatment plan, otherwise known as immunotherapy, then proceed by scheduling an appointment with the allergy technician to begin treatment.
  3. Patient visits office for first 3 rounds of treatment and learns how to safely self administer injections.
  4. After completing initial appointments, the patient continues treatment at home with occasional appointments with technician.
  5. Symptom relief varies by individual patient. Patient continues treatment plan upon discussion with provider.


How long does the allergy test date?
The test takes approximately 30 minutes to administer and 15 minutes to register the results–so you don’t have to wait long to hear the possible cause of your allergies.

Which allergens will I be tested for?
You will be tested for the most frequent geographically–specific and perennial allergies within your region. These allergens include: Dust mites, protein from pet hair and dander, trees, grass, and weed pollen, molds and cockroach allergens. You will not be detected or treated for food or stinging insect–related allergies.

Are the allergy testing and treatment covered by insurance?
Yes, most insurance plans cover the allergy testing and treatment. Your insurance benefits will be verified prior to testing.

What is immunotherapy?
It is a safe and effective treatment that ultimately enables and induces your body to tolerate substances you are allergic to and alleviate common symptoms.




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